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Swimming Pool Incident Report Compliance Assurance Division Please Type or Print Clearly Section 1. Facility Information Name Permit Address County City State Zip Pool Type circle one A B C Phone Section 2. Owner Information Phone Number Section 3. Incident Information Type of Incident circle one a Drowning Date of Incident b Immersion c Cut/Abrasion Time Was 911 Ambulence or Emergency Room Visit Required circle one Name of Victim YES Age Witnes...
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If you chose not to have an incident report filed, please select the 'other' option. Incident Type of Incident : a) Drowning b) Immersion c) Cut/Abrasion Time: Yes No Description : Incident Date of Incident : a) December 12, 2010, b) September 10, 2011, c) April 13, 2011, d) March 25, 2011, e) December 31, 2008, Section 4. Comments Description of Comments I am interested in receiving notification of facility inspections by the Facilities Maintenance Inspector. How many of the above facilities inspected in the past year have had to make any significant changes due to this inspection? If less than 5 facilities had to make changes due to this inspection, please enter '0' for this question. I am interested in receiving notification about maintenance inspections by the Maintenance Inspector. How often do these inspections occur? If no inspections have been conducted in this facility's history, please enter '0' for this question. I am not interested in receiving notifications about maintenance inspections by the Maintenance Inspector. I am interested in receiving information on inspections by a specific Inspection Type. Please enter one or more inspection type(s). Are you sure you want to select from the list of Inspection Types? If you select this option, the Maintenance Requirements will automatically be saved to your Personal Alerts. If you select 'all', these inspections will be searched for in a computer, but the information may not be retained. To view this information again, please select the radio button 'Clear' under 'Details.' I did not choose a particular Inspection Type.
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